Fresh Special Pizza
Choose any 5 toppings.
Margherita Pizza Vegetarian
BBQ Margherita Pizza
Al Funghi Pizza
Chicken and mushroom.
Double Pepperoni Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza
Ham and pineapple.
Farmhouse Pizza
Ham and mushroom.
Apollo Pizza
Chicken and sweetcorn.
Sausage Pizza
Sausage and bacon.
Kiev Pizza
Chicken and ham.
Seafood Pizza
Tuna, prawn and onion.
Ham, Mushroom & Pineapple Pizza
Chicken Supreme Pizza
Chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn.
American Spicy Chicken Pizza Spicy
Chicken, onion and green chilli.
Doner Pizza
Doner, onion and mushroom.
Mighty Meaty Pizza
Chicken, bacon and pepperoni.
Vegetarian Pizza Vegetarian
Onion, sweetcorn, green pepper and mushroom.
Meat Feast Pizza
Pepperoni, ham, chicken and spicy beef.
Porky Pizza
Ham, pepperoni, bacon and salami.
Spicy Meat Pizza
Pepperoni, chicken, spicy beef and bacon.
Hot Mama Pizza Spicy
Spicy beef, chicken, green chilli and jalapeno.
BBQ Chicken Pizza
BBQ base, chicken, bacon, onion and green pepper.
Oh My God Pizza Spicy
Chicken, pepperoni, spicy beef, jalapeno and green chilli.
Tex Mex Pizza Spicy
Chicken, salami, spicy beef, jalapeno and green chilli.
Cheese Lovers Pizza
Feta cheese, cheddar and mozzarella.
Peri Peri Pizza Spicy
Peri Peri base, chicken, onion and green chilli.
Belly Buster Offer
16" Cheese and tomato pizza with two toppings of your choice.